A smile makeover is the term used for dental procedures performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of an individuals smile. As the requirements to produce a perfect smile differ in every patient, so does the definition of what a smile makeover will entail. Thus all fields of aesthetic dentistry may be called upon in this procedure. It should be noted however, that the effects of psychological wellbeing due to dental insecurity may be great and aesthetic work should not be considered as merely vanity.

Common complaints that may be addressed with a smile makeover include:


Spaces between the teeth.
Broken or chipped teeth.
Unsightly or washed out fillings.
Stained or discoloured teeth.
Misshapen or crooked teeth

Common procedures that may be used in performing the smile makeover include:


Teeth Whitening

The process of lightening the teeth from stained and/or yellow to white.

Teeth Reshaping

The removal or application of enamel to acquire a more satisfactory tooth shape, size or position.

Dental Veneers

A very thin laminate that is placed over a tooth to give it enhanced shape, size or colour.

Dental Implants

A metal anchor that screws into the jaw bone to provide a stable site for mounting of a false tooth, known as the crown.

Dental Crowns

A false tooth, that is mounted onto a dental implant.

Dental Bridges

A row of false teeth, secured between two implanted crowns.

Gum Lift

Reshaping of the gum line to a produce more aesthetically appealing and symmetrical smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction


You may have seen the term “Full Mouth Reconstruction” used in discussions regarding these topics. A smile makeover differs from a reconstruction in that a smile makeover is largely aesthetic and something that you choose to have performed. A full mouth reconstruction is something that you require for correction of medical health.

What do I need?


Deciding which procedures are correct for you is a personal process and should be done with the assistance of your CDE dentist. This is the process of creating your personalised treatment plan. This procedure typically happens during your first consultation and may include an X-Ray.



Aesthetic dentistry pricing is highly variable depending on what procedure is needed and how severe the individual situation is. After your initial consult you will receive a personalised treatment plan that will include an accurate quotation of the work required.

As we understand many procedures are fairly costly, the CDE provides procedure financing to change the large cash outflow required, into monthly smaller ones. Allowing you to obtain the treatments you require.

The following may be used to give you an idea of what various procedures cost. Should you wish to use our finance options the finance calculator gives you a rough indication of the monthly installment.

Procedure Full Cost

Installment Period

Installment Estimate:

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