At the Cosmetic & Dental Emporium we specialise in the provision of general facial aesthetics. Transformation of the way you look can enhance your natural beauty. All procedures are non-invasive, fast, safe and comfortable with little or no recovery time. Maintaining your natural look is the golden rule in aesthetics and at the CDE we value and strive to uphold this principle. Before The effects on psychological wellbeing due to cosmetic insecurities may be major, and aesthetic work should not be considered merely vanity seeking behaviour.



The use of botox injections to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead and around the lips is gaining rapid popularity. Botox (Botulinim toxin) is the purified and diluted form of the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. The Botox mechanism lies in its ability to relax the muscle that has been injected, resulting in the most youthful natural appearance.

The procedure is minimally invasive, safe, fast and virtually painless. Within two weeks muscle contraction is limited, which means the overlying skin smoothes over and wrinkles disappear. This is often termed as a “liquid facelift.” The effects of Botox wear off after a few months, thus the treatment needs to be repeated every 4 months until the muscle relaxes without botox.



Fillers can be used to plump your lips, giving you your desired smile. It is also a popular treatment for smoothing out deep frown lines, or deep naso-labial folds. Not only will a filler smoothe a wrinkle it will also add volume creating a youthful appearance. Fillers, often in combination with botox, have revolutionized the entire cosmetic industry.

The following popular treatments are offered by the Cosmetic & Dental Emporium:


Botox® and Fillers

Liquid Facelifts

Facial Mapping

Chemical Peels

Medical Peels

Restylane® Fillers

Juvederm® Fillers

Radiesse® Fillers

Optiphi® Skin Products

Zein Obagi Skin Products

Cosmelan® treatment for pigmentation

Nose straightening / Nose lift

The non-invasive eye brow lift

Lash Growth Serum

Gummy Smile Reduction

Bunny lines

Crows feet around the eyes

Cheek bone lift / Cheek bone enhancement

PRP (using stem cells to rejuvenate skin and reverse age)

Lip border definition

Lip Volumizing

Corners of mouth extension

Treatment for smoker’s lines / wrinkles around the mouth

Nefriti Lift (lifts the areas under the cheeks that drop over time)

Dermarolling to improve the condition of the skin and increase elasticity.

Platysmal bands on the neck

Treatments to slim the face down and increase the vertical dimension

What do I need?


Deciding which procedures are correct for you is a personal process and should be done with the assistance of your CDE dentist. This is the process of creating your personalised treatment plan. This procedure typically happens during your first consultation and may include an X-Ray.



Aesthetic procedure pricing is highly variable depending on what procedure is needed and how severe the individual situation is. After your initial consult you will receive a personalised treatment plan that will include an accurate quotation of the work required.

As we understand many procedures are fairly costly, the CDE provides procedure financing to change the large cash outflow required, into monthly smaller ones. Allowing you to obtain the treatments you require.

The following may be used to give you an idea of what various procedures cost. Should you wish to use our finance options the finance calculator gives you a rough indication of the monthly installment.

Procedure Full Cost

Installment Period

Installment Estimate:

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